New Guidance from FINRA on Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM): What You Need to Know

Learn about new guidance from Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to protect confidential customer data and information technology (IT) systems.

What is Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM)?

Learn more about Third-party risk management (TPRM) and the common types of vendor risk. We'll share some examples of regulatory frameworks around third-party risk, and how to best mitigate third-party risk for your organization.

The MyRepublic Third-Party Data Breach: What Happened and the Importance of Vendor Risk Management (VRM)

Learn everything to know about the MyRepublic third-party data breach and how a modern vendor risk management platform can safeguard your business from similar attacks.

Third Party Risk Management Trends to Watch Based on Global Survey by Deloitte

Deloitte’s 2021 global survey on third party risk management outlines trends across risk, COVID-19 impact, and more. Find out the numbers you need to know here.

Comprehensive Vendor Due Diligence: "How to Identify if Your Third-Parties are Vulnerable to a Ransomware Attack"

A guide to determine if your third-parties are vulnerable to ransomware attacks. Learn how a comprehensive vendor due diligence can protect your organization. Explore VRM best practices.

The CaptureRx Supply Chain Attack: What Happened and the Importance of Vendor Risk Management (VRM)

Learn from the case of CaptureRx and learn how vendor risk management programs and processes can cut the risk and severity of data breaches and other attacks.

Three Key Things to Know About Germany’s New Supply Chain Due Diligence Law

Learn about the Germany's New Supply Chain Due Diligence Law and how to ensure your company can timely implement these new ongoing due diligence and reporting obligations.

The Convergence of Third-Party Risk and Cybersecurity: How to Align Risk Management Policies Throughout the Extended Enterprise

Learn about third-party risks, cybersecurity, and how CENTRL's Vendor360 can help you align the risk management policies throughout your extended enterprise.

Automating Vendor Lifecycle Risk Management: The Importance and Framework of a Comprehensive Continuous Monitoring Program

Learn everything you want to know about vendor lifecycle risk management, from the importance of continuous vendor monitoring to implementing a robust VLRM program.

“Tone at the Top” or “Talk to the Top”?

SEC Fines Company for Failing to Maintain Cybersecurity Disclosure Controls. Learn the importance of ensuring that cybersecurity issues are reported up the corporate ladder to your company’s board of directors and senior management.

The Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack: Joe Biden Signs New Executive Order to Strengthen and Standardize Cybersecurity Reporting

Know more about the new executive order signed by President Joe Biden to strengthen and improve cybersecurity practices and standards in light of the recent string of cyberattacks on various public and private organizations in the US.

Big Data, Open-Source Software, and Emerging Technological Risks: How to Establish an Effective IT Vendor Risk Management (VRM) Framework

From big data to emerging technologies, security threats abound for every organization. Here’s how to establish an IT VRM framework to mitigate the new technological risks.

California Privacy News – Five Board Members Appointed to New California Privacy Protection Agency

Find out how the California Consumer Privacy Act provides a number of new privacy protections to California residents and imposes a number of new obligations on businesses subject to the CPRA.

FTC Issues Timely Reminder on Data Security Oversight Role of Corporate Boards of Directors

Find out Federal Trade Commission's recommendations to help all directors enhance their cybersecurity oversight role.

The New Normal: The Ubiquiti IoT Breach and Future-Proofing Your Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) Program

The recent Ubiquiti IoT breach revealed the impact of third-party vendors on your organizations. Here's how to future-proof your TPRM program against similar threats.

Cyber Risk Consulting Market Forecast: 5 Factors Driving Growth

From the rise in cyber attacks to new technologies and the pandemic, here are our projections for the cyber risk consulting market.

Modernizing Vendor Risk Management (VRM): Best Practices to Automate Vendor Onboarding, Due Diligence, Supply Chain Resiliency

Vendor onboarding and due diligence are crucial VRM steps. Check out the best practices to modernize and automate your VRM activities and functions.

Virginia is For Privacy, Part 2

Find out what your company needs to know about the Data Protection Assessment requirements under Virginia's new Consumer Data Protection Act, as we continue our series, Virginia is For Privacy.

Reducing Cyber Risk With Minimal Resources: Maximizing Efficiency for Consultants

Wondering how you can provide cost-effective cyber risk assessment services? Check out these valuable tips to reduce cyber risk with minimal resources.

Vendor Risk Management Processes for Enterprise Supply Chains: Why Microsoft Excel is Not Enough

Enterprise VRM is a comprehensive process, and MS Excel is not the right tool for the job. In this post, we’ve discussed the reasons why spreadsheets are not enough for the VRM process.

Virginia is For Privacy, Part 1

3 Basic Things to Know About Virginia’s New Consumer Data Protection Act. Learn about Consumer Data Protection Act and how it affects your company's policies, notices, procedures, and processes.

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