Cyber360 - Automating Cyber Security Risk Assessments - Overview

CENTRL's Cyber360 enables consultants to streamline cyber security assessments, wow clients, and scale to unlock more revenue.

Infographic - 5 ways Vendor360 can help you assess and mitigate third-party risks

Vendor360 is an advanced and flexible third-party risk management platform that streamlines and simplifies your vendor risk management process.

California Consumer Privacy Act Best Practices - Data Sheet

Compliance with CCPA - including consumer rights management, data inventory, and assessment automation. View or download PDF.

Cyber360 - Automating Cybersecurity Risk Assessment - Data Sheet

CENTRL's Cyber360 allows organizations to streamline cybersecurity assessments and provide full visibility into where the greatest exposures and risk lie. View or download PDF.

Data Request Portal - Data Sheet

CENTRL's Data Request Portal provides an automated and secure way to communicate with consumers to fulfill consumer rights requests. View or download PDF.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - Data Sheet

Snapshot of CENTRL GDPR software platform's key features and benefits. View or download PDF.

Privacy in a Box - Data Sheet

Privacy in a Box Combines the convenience of CENTRL's automated privacy management platform with Grant Thornton's deep privacy practice experience. View or download PDF.

Vendor360 - Third-Party Risk Management - Data Sheet

Concise description of CENTRL third-party and vendor risk management software's key features and benefits. View or download PDF.

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