Cyber Security Risk Assessment Software

Streamline cybersecurity assessments and transform your practice to serve more clients with a best-in-class cloud platform. Identify, analyze, and mitigate cybersecurity risks with full transparency and control. Comprehensive out-of-the-box yet highly configurable workflows and controls framework provide flexibility while driving efficiencies.

Gain efficiency

through the cloud platform, process & assessment automation

Improve quality

as the unified environment reduces human error, and increases visibility and oversight

Increase revenue

by reaching more clients as the efficiency enables you to offer the service with tighter constraints

Streamline Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

  • Design a repeatable cybersecurity assessment process that maps to your organization needs
  • Gain visibility if your organization’s risk profile across business units, third parties, regions.
  • Collect and store all assessments, documents, policies, issues in a centralized repository
  • Proactively manage exceptions through analytics, alerts and collaboration
Streamline Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

Get started quickly with templates, appropriate, then automate

  • Start with pre-built and pre-seeded industry assessment templates, or upload your own standard practice questionnaire
  • Set up recurring assessment schedules
  • Configure risk scoring methodology to your practice with support for multiple grades – Impact, Likelihood, Target Maturity, and more
  • Multiple modes for assessments to suit business needs: self assessments, onsite assessments, and more
  • Analyze changes to risk and control maturity over time using “What has changed”
Get started quickly with templates, appropriate, then automate

Leverage Common Controls Frameworks

  • Repository of control frameworks to ensure compliance with industry best practice standards- COBIT, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, CIS Top 20, CSF and others
  • Map controls to other frameworks and regulations
  • Analyze how the organization is doing with respect to other frameworks based on selected controls
Leverage Common Controls Frameworks

Manage Risk, Issues & Remediation More Effectively

  • Identify and document risk and issues through assessments
  • Determine which risks require immediate attention and remediation based on prioritization along several dimensions: Severity, Impact, Likelihood, and more
  • Launch remediation and mitigation workflows to ensure issues are addressed
  • Assign activities to business owners and ensure proper coverage for all risks
Manage Risk, Issues & Remediation More Effectively

Gain Valuable Insights Through Analytics

  • Portfolio-level dashboards and reports to gain insights, highlight risks and exceptions
  • Out of the box reports to monitor key indicators like Control Maturity, Effectiveness, and risks
  • Trends and benchmark reports to analyze performance of controls over time
Gain Valuable Insights Through Analytics

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