CENTRL Partners with Leading Data Privacy Solutions Provider Privageo

Press release CENTRL 2019-12-05

CENTRL, a next-generation data privacy and risk management platform provider, announced today its partnership with Privageo, a leading data privacy solutions provider. This partnership reflects CENTRL’s ongoing commitment to identifying, assessing and sourcing the best data privacy delivery specialists in the marketplace.

New landmark data privacy laws such the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are a response to the growing global consumer privacy rights movement. These laws require sweeping changes in how organizations collect and share consumer data, as well as respond to consumer requests about what data organizations are collection about them and how it is being shared and used.

As a result of growing regulatory challenges, a new breed of data privacy compliance technology is rapidly evolving. Privageo co-founder, Steve Kerler observed: “Traditional, largely manual, business responses to new data privacy regulations are unwieldy and ineffective. Businesses are unable to meet the large volume of consumer requests for data with existing staffing and technology. Selecting tools to automate and scale data privacy compliance responses has become an essential component of conducting business.”

Many data privacy solutions are complex and costly, making the selection of an appropriate privacy platform daunting. This is where Privageo comes into play. As a premier Southern California Data Privacy solutions provider, Privageo systemically evaluates the latest data privacy technology options and uses its expertise to help clients of all sizes select the tools that best support their most critical privacy compliance needs.

“CENTRL’s Privacy360 offering provides an intuitive and comprehensive platform that covers the key areas of data privacy compliance at an affordable price point. It should be on business’s short list of considerations” said Brad Kelso, Privageo’s Managing Partner.

“Privacy is clearly a dominant issue of our times and customers expect businesses to protect the privacy of their information. Companies are turning to partners with deep expertise and robust technology solutions to operationalize their privacy compliance” said Sanjeev Dheer, founder and CEO of CENTRL. “We feel that the combination of CENTRL’s privacy compliance and vendor risk management platform, combined with Privageo’s deep privacy consulting expertise, will provide a powerful compliance solution.”

CENTRL is an enterprise-grade privacy management solution, and its Privacy360 is flexible and scalable for evolving global privacy management requirements, including compliance requirements for the GDPR, LGPD, CCPA, and future U.S. and international regulations. The CENTRL platform is flexible for companies of all sizes to get up and running with minimal configuration and implementation effort. CENTRL’s solution has a full suite of modules for privacy compliance, as well as other initiatives - data subject access requests, assessments, and data mapping - while including complete third party and vendor risk management capabilities - complementing an enterprise’s privacy management needs. For more information, please visit www.oncentrl.com.

About Privageo
Privageo is a Data Privacy Solutions provider with a simple and pragmatic approach. We help organizations assess the impact of regulations and develop focused priorities, strategies and tactics that address the areas of greatest risk. With expertise spanning 31 business functions, Privageo is uniquely positioned with the expertise necessary to address each of the seven key components of the Data Privacy Ecosystem. Learn more here: https://privageo.com/

Media Contact for CENTRL
Serge Rubinstein, VP, Marketing

Media Contact for Privageo
Brad Kelso, Managing Partners

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