As the LGPD Turns - Brazilian Senate Rejects Postponement of Effective Date of LGPD

The LGPD also applies to organizations that intend to offer goods or services to individuals in Brazil.

New Required CCPA Reading

Final CCPA regulations were approved and effective on August 14, 2020. In a news release published with the final regulations, the AG advised that the regulations establish procedures for compliance.

More Privacy Pyramids to Climb - Egypt Adopts Personal Data Protection Law

The pyramids in Egypt were built with smooth and angled sides to symbolize the rays of the sun. The sun light is shining today on a more recent development in Egypt.

MSA360 - Modern Slavery Act Compliance Platform - Explainer Video

Learn more about CENTRL’s Modern Slavery Act Compliance Platform. A one-stop solution for complying with the Modern Slavery Act. MSA360 provides the necessary policy and report templates, management dashboards, and fully automated capabilities for assessing and managing risks with internal operations and suppliers.

3 Tips for Working with Your Suppliers to Operationalize Australia’s Modern Slavery Act

3 Tips for Working with Your Suppliers to Operationalize Australia’s Modern Slavery Act. Most companies with national or global supply chains have implemented some form of vendor risk management program.

EisnerAmper scales its Risk Assessment Services with Cyber360

Leading advisory firm gains efficiency and delights clients by moving assessment services to the cloud interface with built-in benchmarking, scoring, and reporting

EisnerAmper scales its Risk Assessment Services with Cyber360 - Downloadable PDF

Leading advisory firm gains efficiency and delights clients by moving assessment services to the cloud interface with built-in bench marking, scoring, and reporting.

Ask CENTRL: Does my business need to provide a CCPA policy and notices in languages other than English?

Every business subject to the CCPA must have a privacy policy that provides consumers with a comprehensive description of the following the business’s online and offline practices.

EXL Joins Forces with CENTRL to bring Cybersecurity solution to its Customers

Partnership enhances the foundation for smart, scalable, and sustainable one-stop-shop solutions to deliver best-in-class cyber risk assessment capabilities.

You’ve Got Mail

California Attorney General Begins Enforcement of CCPA - Notices of Noncompliance Sent to “Swath” of Companies on July 1, 2020

Documenting CCPA Compliance

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) permits the Attorney General (AG) to begin enforcement six months after publication of the final regulations or July 1, 2020, whichever is sooner. The July 1st date won that statutory race.

Possible Extension of CCPA Exemptions for B2B and Employee Data

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was amended in 2019 to add two exemptions, one for certain personal information (PI) collected from consumers in business to business (B2B) transactions...

How to Respond to Consumer Requests to "Delete My Data"

Many businesses subject to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) had hoped that final regulations would be in place before the July 1st enforcement date of the CCPA.

Supply Chain Risk Management: How To Identify, Prioritize and Mitigate Risks Detect Vulnerabilities With Cyber Risk Assessment Tools

Modern cyber risk assessment tool strengthens your organization’s cybersecurity profile through powerful analytics and reports that can help you gain action-oriented insights, understand risk sources, highlight risks, and monitor key indicators.

Lights, Camera, Action! - California Attorney General Releases Proposed Final CCPA Regulations

There has been no lack of drama with the CCPA - from its introduction and swift passage by the state legislature in 2018 to the California Privacy Rights Act.

Cyber360 - Automating Cybersecurity Risk Assessment - Data Sheet

CENTRL's Cyber360 allows organizations to streamline cybersecurity assessments and provide full visibility into where the greatest exposures and risk lie. View or download PDF.

Data Request Portal - Data Sheet

CENTRL's Data Request Portal provides an automated and secure way to communicate with consumers to fulfill consumer rights requests. View or download PDF.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - Data Sheet

Snapshot of CENTRL GDPR software platform's key features and benefits. View or download PDF.

INFOGRAPHIC: Combat Growing Third-Party Risk

Learn how to solve growing third-party risk by fighting supply chain attacks with end-to-end Third-Party Risk Management.

INFOGRAPHIC: Risk Management Operations

Learn how you can automate end-to-end third-party vendor assessments while maintaining control of third-party risk and oversight.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Evolving Third-Party Risk Management Landscape

Learn the different problems that companies are facing when it comes to third-party risks.

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